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23 September 2006

A Shithouse Movie

One quick thing before I start...I did suspect, but now I know.

Claire's a basket case.

Katie & I just got back from watching the Australian move Kenny.
It was great! Go and see it.
Oh - "shithouse"? That's a silly joke. You'll need to watch it to find out.

It reminds me a little of the classic The Castle.

Rather interesting in the light of the current waffle about "Australian values". Whatever that is, it comes through in this film. The wonderful, raw sense of humour.

And then, when I got home, there was a story about Terry Hicks, father of David currently rotting, without any proper legal process.
Australian values? Phhhhhhhaaa!


  • Boy, you sure love that dolly. Lucky we didn't make good on that thing about jamming the dagger through the poor thing. I've got a feeling she's gonna become a standard feature of this blog...
    And yes, the 'shithouse' joke was indeed beyond the lame event horizon. Doesn't mean the movie wasn't great, though. :)

    By Anonymous KT, at 2:59 am  

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