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18 September 2006


We have done loads of excellent touristy things in Venice gawping at churches, St Marks and the Dogos Palace and the Camponella and the canals and all the funny little narrow streets.

It’s really easy to get lost and you can wander around back alleys for ages going up and down and around in circles and because all the buildings are so tall you can’t see where you are and then suddenly you come upon another square or canal.

I’ve been for a ride down the grand canal on a ferry but not on a gondola.

The train ride down from the top of the mountains from Chamonix to Switzerland was really spectacular very steep along the sides of a huge gorge and lots of tunnels on a very small train with rack and pinion to help it up and down the steep windy bits.

It has been very wet in Venice and that plus the high tides have caused lots of flooding. Half of St Marks square was under water the other day.

I’m glad Im not walking in the mountains in it we were amazingly lucky wjth all the good weather we had on our 2 weeks in the alps. It is supposed to be improving so I hope the Dolomites wont be washed out.

We are picking up a car tomorrow and driving up there. Phil went back to Ireland today and Paul is still with us he is coming to the Dolomites for a few days. I will go over to Ireland and spend a couple of days after Ancona and also go up to Scotland and visit Cathy.


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