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17 August 2006


Bereft, I am! The heart-wrenching pain of separation!
I had to get up this morning in time for the bus to meet the plane to take my precious bundle off to the UK. For nearly eight weeks we are to be parted, oh woe!

Yes, my camera is off on a European holiday. Oh, yes, and I should also mention – the camera is attached to the Peg Master, Anne.

What a generous girl. She’s said it’s okay for me to go looking. We have a very honest relationship like that. So tomorrow night I’m going into town to see if I can find another, more upmarket model that will make me feel young again. One of those sexy new things which responds enthusiastically to deft handling. But do you think I am buying myself into trouble here?

I think I’ll go for a Canon 350D digital SLR. Very swish. Nearly all the pictures on the blog so far have been taken with a fairly modest 3 Mega pixel Samsung. It might be pretty basic, but I think I’ve caught some pretty cool pictures with it. Let’s see how we go with the new fancy-pants job.

Right now, Anne’s been airborne for about 7 hrs, which puts her about a third of the way there. International flights, oh what a drag. And we’ll be interested to hear the news on how it goes with all the new security blah-de-blah.


  • *snort* *cough* *gasp*
    Oh gods, that is TEH FUNNEH! As they say.
    Are you sure she won't get jealous of the new model? You know what hardware is like.

    By Anonymous Brat 1, at 6:02 am  

  • Woo you had me going all misty eyed there for a nanosecond! Just wait till you have to sit through my photographic revenge! But very clever and highly amusing! Also we loved the pics especially the paddles says Keith

    By Anonymous Peg Master, at 4:03 pm  

  • Dear Rod,
    I'm not impressed with the peg master's capacity - half a pint of Bombardier and she fell asleep!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:45 am  

  • Bombardier...that's a nice idea. A shame I can't be with you in a comfy London location to share one too.

    By Blogger Rodt, at 4:59 am  

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