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08 July 2006

They took my wisdom

Here’s a tip for you. If you don’t want bad news, don’t look. Global warming? Destructive wars here and there? Your superannuation? If you don’t look, the world is rosier, and you will feel less pain.

Nature is a bit of a nasty bastard. It endowed us with the ability to savour our own suffering with piquant delight. We are the only species that knows our death is inevitable. The doubled joy of anticipating the woe before it happens. Ergo, if you don’t look ahead of time, your suffering will be halved.

My very first blog story was about a grisly trip to the dentist and at the end, I promised not to tell more dentist stories. Well I lied.

I went for a checkup this morning; wanted to see that the expensive crown fitted that day was going okay. (Hell, you’d expect a crown to be expensive, wouldn’t you!)

Well my crown is still there, and my regal stature remains… but, what about that ugly gaping hole in the wisdom tooth! And the useless thing hangs in space anyway, since the one under it never appeared.

Without a partner, it reaches into space in a futile attempt to find a mate. It will never know companionship in joining with a partner to prepare food on its way to Sustain Rod. A lonely life watching its neighbours happily paired with a tooth below.

So it was the most humane thing, really. Whip it out!

I’m pleased to say it wasn’t at all painful. But still, the weirdest experience, and now I almost feel a sense of loss. In a tiny way, I am now an amputee. Boy, does the Tooth Fairy owe me BIG TIME, or what!!

But enough of me. In the scheme of things this one doesn’t rate a mention compared to what other people are going through.

Last week, a friend in the neighbourhood called to say she has breast cancer, and requires a full mastectomy. Another’s daughter barely survived a major car accident. And yet another’s son broke his pelvis falling into a construction site (and was roughed by the cops for his trouble).

And right now, Anne’s on the phone counselling a friend who’s just discovered her sister also has breast cancer.

A couple of Panadol, and I’ll be right in the morning.


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