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21 May 2006

Block your ears

You know those organised dinners where you sit at the end of a table with a group of people you mostly haven't met before; you try to shout a conversation, and by the end of the evening your ears are ringing. A few nights ago we went to one of those. It was okay.
At one point, the proprietor visited our table. He told us he was born in Portugal, and raised in France.
I couldn't resist boasting. "Oh, I can swear in Portuguese!"
"Really. Tell me."
I didn’t want to blurt out something excessively offensive, but he said it was fine.

“Puta que pariu”.

Apparently that’s nothing, so I asked him for something that would really make my Portuguese tutor blush.

A little while later, he returned with this piece of paper. If Portuguese profanities upset you, you’d better avert your gaze now.

Just wondering - if you can’t read the language, is it still swearing?

PS - I'm really not sure what this means, but you'll observe an F-word in there.


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