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17 April 2006

We went the whole lentil

Just got back from the Four Winds musical festival in Bermagui. Very pleasant and earthy, sitting in the sunshine enjoying the superior music.
This one's an upmarket we-paid-off-the-kids-and-mortgage event.

Also very nice to see Den & Geoff, who are shortly moving to Hobart. Always good to visit distant friends.

I took these pictures from the nice little garden at the back of the Motel.


  • Ah Rod, are you afraid to enjoy the inner suff and admit to it? Is sarcasm your way of fending off acknowledgment of a poignant sensation? Great photos.
    love sis

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:34 am  

  • Flippant rather than sarcastic, I thought. Perhaps a bit too much on this occasion, but don't take me too seriously.
    I have been to quite a few folk festivals, and always enjoyed them.

    By Blogger Rodt, at 2:30 am  

  • Come to think of it, the description didn't really fit the Bermagui crowd anyway, so I think I'll edit this stuff out of the posting.

    By Blogger Rodt, at 2:36 am  

  • I am sorry that my comments made you edit this story, it was'nt my intention.
    love sis

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:57 pm  

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