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09 February 2006

What a hoot!

Katie’s book launch was an absolute hoot! We packed out the bookshop, and sold every copy.

A special thanks to Maxine McArthur for coming along and delivering a fine introduction.

But best of all, was to share this moment with fine friends, many of whom went out of their way to join us. It felt like our wedding day, with the atmosphere fairly frothing with good will. And Katie lit up with a sparkling speech, a blend of heartfelt gravitas and cackling wit.

My eternal gratitude to you all,including those whocouldn’t join us, but sent their best wishes.


  • Congrats Katie!

    I am lost in the jungle. You know, we have no books and even no bookstore in this 15.000 people town. But I am still alive

    Greetings from Old McDorothy klicking her High Heels on the table mountains.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:47 pm  

  • Hi, Stefan.
    Yeah, it was a real hoot. A night to remember, all right. For the rest of my life, most likely (unless I get Alzheimer's. Yes, bad joke. Sorry.)

    By Anonymous K, at 3:55 am  

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