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29 October 2005

The Slings and Gins of Glad Fortune

There’s nothing quite so grand as messing about on bikes. And what a joy it is to leave the Victorian nagways. Can you imagine having your most tiresome nanny following you everywhere. Microsleep can kill in seconds. Take a break. Don’t speed. Slow down. Clean your teeth. Drowsy drivers die. Distracted drivers die. Bridge out ahead. After a while you ignore them, but I am reminded of the adage that if you treat your people like fools, eventually your people will be fools.

So I did – in the interest of the public good - promise to ride the desert training sipping martinis, but Eva the lovely barmaid didn’t know how to do one, so here I am doing my duty to a gin & tonic.

And now we’ve been spending a few quiet days at the folk’s place, relaxing and watching the sunsets. Very tough. And no mention of the W place.

Heading south in a couple of days.


  • Yo, Dad dude. Sounds like you're having a great time. And I'm stuck at home awaiting my nasal surgery. You bastard.
    Okay, just kidding. Have a ball; you deserve it. I can't wait to give you the FAB birthday/Xmas presents I bought you. I just wrapped them up. Badly.

    By Anonymous KJT, at 7:20 pm  

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