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06 March 2006

Coins for the ABC

A few days after the previous story, I read a column about how our poor ABC is...poor.
Of course I was obviously joking about the limousine thing, but it is a bit cruel when the organisation has been so starved of funds in recent years.

I would be more than happy to pay a few more tax dollars to keep it alive.

Now today (the 7th), I went into the studio to do the recording. They usher me into... a broom closet! But soon I discover there's a microphone and headphones (behind the mop).

ABC-ers call this the "Tardis", and reassure me that it usually returns visitors to the correct spatial/temporal coordinates.

But all is good, and I am ably assisted by Sue, operating remotely in Sydney, keeping me calm. Remember to take a breath. It doesn't sound good to forget this, and keel over in the middle.

I don't yet know the date, but the recording will first be aired at 4:55am, and repeated at 5:55pm on a weekday. It will then go out on Radio Australia, in Asia, Europe, and the constellation of Plaedes. It will also be available in text and podcast from


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