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05 September 2006

Mum in Boots on Blanc

This posting care-of Mum who's somewhere around Mt Blanc at the moment. With simulated graphics of the scene supplied by you-know-who.

"Wonderful to read all your news you are all busy and apparrently coping well without me I am pleased. Sorry I can't reply to you individually but this is the only internet connection ie 1 computer available in Courmayeur and it is very expensive for only 45 minutes and very slow took me half an hour just to load and read all your excellent news.

Had a brilliant day today the weather was superb and we caught a series of cable cars to the top of the Aiguille du Midi 3842metres high and right next to Mt Blanc!!!!!

The veiws over the top of the Alps were absolutely spectacular and yes I took lots of photos! We went right over the top of the Alps from Courmayeur in Italy to Chamonix in France by cable car and then came back to Italy by bus through the Mt Blanc tunnel right under the Alps, how cool is that???

My knees are much better and I got some elastic support bandages for them too, Jenny is over her bug so we are all set to stride off into the mountains again tomorrow!"


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