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20 August 2006

This month marks the first anniversary of The Rod Blog, and I pause for a moment to ask why I do it. Tap away at some random topic for God-knows what purpose.

In my very first entry I questioned whether I'd stick with it. Knowing my habit of meandering from one project to the next, it is a reasonable question. But I guess the random bite pieces suits my short attention span.

Having one blog story broadcast on ABC radio, and another published in the Herald is certainly has been rewarding. The opportunity to marry digital photography with my spontaneous warblings is lots of fun; and sometimes my readers seem to enjoy it too.

I’ve thought quite a bit about this topic and could write major essay on it. But I feel I am already starting to bore you. I mean, how far would you really want to gaze into the Rod Navel?

Ergo, you can skip all the above, and read the following abridged version in thirteen words.

The Rod Blog is a kind of graffiti. It says simply

I exist


  • You totally stole that rant from my livejournal, man.

    Nah. We just think alike 'cause we're both geniuses. ^__^

    Why do we spend time writing stuff that - sniff! - no-one reads?? Well, it's gotta be better than watching reality TV.
    We only get so many years on this earth - I'll get rather fewer than most if I keep playing chicken with traffic - and we may as well spend it doing something we find meaningful. Like writing emo rodent fantasy books. Or blogging.

    This has been an official KJTaylor philosophical remark. We now return you to your regularly scheduled commenting.

    If anyone would like to hear me indulge myself with more blather, my livejournal is right here:

    By Anonymous KJT, at 5:23 am  

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