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10 September 2006

Creative Depravity

It’s been said that Isaac Newton was sitting under an apple tree when a naked woman fell on him. And so he discovered the law of depravity (boom boom!).
Okay, not really. Perhaps you know it was actually the law of gravity.

George de Mestral went for a walk, and got the idea for Velcro from the hooked seeds in his dog’s fur.

More recently, some bright spark must have been watching some people throwing frisbees. I was reading about it in today’s newspaper, and he’s come up with this idea of a frisbee-like weapon. It whizzes around, delivering bombs to some target.

It quotes blurb which says “combatants in complex urban terrain and provide precision [fire] to neutralise…hostiles”.

“Neutralise” does, of course, mean to kill or mame. That’s “kill”, as in “to use lethal force against another human”.

I’d just like to pause a moment, and let that thought sink in. Here we have some creative person, perhaps sitting in a park watching kids throw a frisbee around. Hey!, he thinks. I’ve just thought up a new way to kill people!

Doesn’t that strike you as weird?


  • You misspelled the word 'maim'.
    But yeah, it IS pretty weird. What sort of mind would work that way, and do I really want to know?
    Mind you, this is coming from the person who blew $200 on the dagger in that photographed, so I probably shouldn't be asking questions like that.

    By Anonymous KT, at 2:57 am  

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