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08 September 2006

News from MumInBoots

Well here we are in Switzerland we walked 20km today over the Col Ferret (very high mountain pass) from Italy across the border which is at the top of the Col down into Switzerland.

There were no eidelweiss but we were moved to sing all the sound of music songs any way. We are staying in a very small village in the mountains called La Fouly, in the Eidelweiss Hotel. There is a little hut with internet, amazing.

My knees are pretty sore after all the ups and downs today and yesterday but luckily tomorrow is reasonably level and then we are in Champex and have another rest day so they should get me there.

There were a lot more people on the trail today but most disappeared of into the hills after we reached the top of the Col and were obviously day walkers. There are a few people in groups of 2 & 3 who we bump into along the way who are doing "the tour" the most amazing thing that happened was that we met am older English couple in a refuge (Motetts) in France which we literally staggered into at 7pm just as dinner was being served after an exhausting 9 hr day climbing up from Les Contamines via the Col Des Four and down again.

We didn't talk to them much as we were so tired, then the next day they set off ahead of us to the next Col and then waited for us at the top and we toook a couple of photos together and we went down a short way and stopped just after lunch (at the Refuge Elizabetta) as it was starting to rain they went on to Courmayeur. Then the next day we walked half way to Courmayeur and then caught the bus the rest of the way as Jenny was sick.

The next day we were heading off for our amazing cablecar trip and bumped into them as they were setting off for Refugio Bonatti (where we stayed last night) and we were chatting and it terned out he was Kev Reynolds and she his wife (only the man who wrote the guide book which is our TMB bible) So we took a couple of photos together and completely forgot to get him to sign our books we were so overwhelmed, we won't get the chance now as they are a day ahead of us now.

We are still having a great time, there is a big storm brewing and lots of thunder so we might be walking in the rain tomorrow, luckily we are down low all day so we won't be missing any views.

Yesterday we arrived at the refuge in the early afternoon and we were sitting out the front enjoying a well earned beer and admiring all the snow capped peaks and glaciers opposite and suddenly there was a big rumble and an avalanche came down the glacier near Mt Blanc.


  • Anne,
    How exciting to meet Kev Reynolds, and to see an avalanche. Sounds like you're enjoying TMB as much as we did, and finding it a challenege like we did too. Glad you had great weather for your trip over the top ny cable car _ it is an amazing trip - my husband says it should be the 8th wonder of the world. Keep up the good work and don't forget the souvenir TMB T-shirt in Chamonix at the end.
    Kitty Muntz

    By Blogger Kitty, at 9:50 pm  

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