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25 September 2006


Hello All

Finally found an internet point and its as slow as a wet week I just typed you a lovely long email and the damn thing timed out and ate it so here we go again!!!!!

Luckily the weather here has been good so we have done heaps of walking up and down the mountains. We did an interesting walk the other day, right up through a mountain to the top. This area was a front between Austria and Italy during WW1 and the Austrians were on top of the mountain chucking bombs down on the Italians in the pass so the Italians dug a tunnel right up through the rock to the top of the mountain underneath the Austrian position and blew the crap out of them. Wars are so dumb but the tunnels are still there and now you can climb up through them to 2752m it is very steep with a wire rope to haul yourself along and steps. We had to wear helmets and head torches as it is also very dark inside a mountain!

Missing you all, although I am still having fun. We have 1 more day of walking here then off to Padua then Ill get the train to Ancona which Im not looking forward to at all. I wish Id never agreed to it now!! Then I fly back to London then up tho Scotland to visit Cathy then over to Ireland then back to London and finally home. I cant wait to bore you with all my piccies and stories!!

Better go before the computer eats this message.


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