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09 September 2005

Book Tour Day 1

Last Thursday was an exciting in one in family history. But before I tell you about it, a short diversion into an aging memory.

I would have been about 8 years old and, walking along a beach encountered a poodle with a litter of puppies. Very cute, we thought, so I did what kids want to do, and tried to pat one. Well, I was shocked when the mother (dog, that is) rushed at me growling and sharp teeth a-snapping. I was nonplussed –only wanted to pat it. Mum (human, that is) explained that it was only trying to protect its babies. The quickest cut to vulnerability or pride is via our children.

Roll on to 2005, and I’m sitting in a classroom of year-7’s, and grinning like a fool. Katie has been invited to talk about writing, and her new book which will be on the shelves in Feb 2006. This is the first of many such events she’ll need to do in marketing her work.

Amazingly, the kids actually seem quite interested. Or at least this is my conclusion, having not noticed any paper aeroplanes, spitballs, or other airborne objects.

We’re looking forward to seeing the actual book. I’ll post an image of the cover soon.


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