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15 August 2005

A frightening experience

The human mind sits upon the continental plates of the primitive brain. Most of the time we are unaware of it, but we can see its affects through the mountain ranges and rift valleys that hint at tectonic forces below. Occasionally it ruptures the surface in a more spectacular fashion, letting us know just how delicate the crust can be at times.

Yesterday we were assaulted by a stranger. Mad, ranting, psychotic. We beat a tactical withdrawal but, as he closed on me from behind, I turned to face him. Perhaps not the best move, but I was not prepared to be chased through the suburb by a madman.

We came within seconds of blows but to my great relief, he retreated shouting all the while 'stop looking at me'. And then, once we held a safe distance, I rang 000 and delivered a semi-coherent report. My last view was of him throwing himself in the path of passing cars, spitting abuse in violent, primitive eruptions.


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